China solves congestion and fuel problems with small and cheap cars


05/23 11:09

Chinese company Baojun has cooperated with SAIC-GM-Wuling to produce mini and modern electric cars, which tackle the problems of congestion and fuel consumption while traveling in cities, Russia’s website reported on Monday.

The new E300 cars from Baojun came with small structures that are 2625 cm long, 1647 cm wide and 1588 cm high, which makes them easy to move in crowded streets, and makes

These vehicles come in two models equipped with one or two rows of seats for two or 4 passengers, and the distinctive design is the wide glass fronts on all sides, which give passengers a special pleasure on the go.

It also got hidden door handles in the chassis, as in Tesla cars, and was fitted with LED lamps that saved battery power.

The E300 came with environmentally friendly electric motors with a torque of 39 and 55 horsepower, and advanced lithium batteries sufficient to cover distances between 260 and 305 km per charge.


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