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The World Health Organization announced that China refuses to participate in the investigation of the emergence of the “Corona” virus,

The representative of the World Health Organization in China, Godin Gallia, announced that the Chinese authorities constantly reject the requests made by the World Health Organization to participate in the investigation of the emergence of a new type of coronavirus.

“We know that a Chinese national investigation has already been opened, but at this stage we have not been invited to participate. The WHO continues to submit requests to participate in the investigation to the Chinese and medical authorities,” said the WHO representative.

The representative pointed out that the World Health Organization is very interested in knowing how and the circumstances of the emergence of the virus to prevent a new epidemic, stressing that the Chinese authorities did not allow the WHO to access the documents of the virus testers in Wuhan – Corona Virus Spread Center.

The World Health Organization said earlier that a team of international experts led by the organization had gone to Beijing to assist in investigations into the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

For his part, US President Donald Trump announced that he saw evidence proving that the new Corona virus came from an institute in Wuhan, saying that the spread of the pandemic was due to China’s failure to stop it or its will to do so.

He also announced that he was considering imposing punitive duties on China, after he said he had seen evidence indicating that the new Corona virus came from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, who had recently been accused of lacking transparency.

In response to a White House reporter who asked him if he had seen evidence to make him seriously believe that the Wuhan Virus Institute was the source of the Corona pandemic, Trump said “Yes.” “It was something that could have been contained in the place of origin. I think it could have been contained very easily.”

The US president did not specify what evidence he had seen in this context, but he indicated that he might impose punitive “customs duties” on China.

In response to another question about the possibility that the United States would not repay its debts to China, in a retaliatory measure, Trump said, “I can do this differently, by imposing customs taxes,” as it did in the past during the trade dispute between his country and Beijing.


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