Careful testing .. Corona is hiding on these surfaces


A leaked memo to the Pentagon revealed, Tuesday, that senior officials in the department are planning the possibility that the military will have to deal with the Corona virus pandemic until 2021.

The memo, obtained by Task & Purpose, warned of a “real possibility” that there would be no vaccine for Covid-19 until “summer 2021 at the very least”.

“We have a long way to go, with a real prospect of a return of Covid-19. Therefore, we must now refocus our attention on resuming critical tasks, increasing levels of effort, and making the necessary preparations in the event that Covid-19 significantly reappears at a later time,” the memo said. From this year. ”

The Hill website quoted a Pentagon official as saying that they were unable to find a copy of the memo in the form circulated in the media, and they could not confirm it specifically.

They have already confirmed, according to The Hill, that the ministry “continues to develop plans related to working in the Covid-19 environment, and that some of the versions of these plans have language similar to the one that was discussed, but none of them has been approved.”

They added, “The plans have not been approved by senior defense ministry leaders yet, and we will not discuss what may be in the final version of these plans,” according to The Hill website.

The new memo reinforces skepticism that the new Coronavirus vaccine will be ready early next year.

According to the leaked memo, “All indications are that we will be working in a globally continuous Covid-19 environment in the coming months”, and “this will likely continue until there is widespread immunity, through immunization, and some acquired immunity after recovery from the virus.”

The memorandum called for increased tests, as well as documentation for “tracking and monitoring the results of treatment for people with COFED-19”.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced that he had been taking anti-malarial anti-malarial drug, about ten days ago.

“I’ve been taking it for about a week and a half … I’ve been taking a pill every day,” Trump told reporters at the White House, which sparked strong reactions in the scientific and political community.

Hydroxychloroquine has been used for a long time against malaria, but its efficacy against the emerging coronavirus is not yet confirmed by any careful study.

Asked why he was taking hydroxychloroquine, Trump said, “I think it’s good. I’ve heard very good things about it. You know the phrase: What are you going to lose?”


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