Captain El Shenawi embarrasses Ramez Jalal in front of millions of viewers and puts him in an unenviable position


Thank you for reading your news about Captain El-Shennawi. Ramiz Jalal embarrasses millions of viewers and puts him in an unenviable position. Now with the details.

Aden – Yasmine El-Tohamy – Captain Mohamed El-Shenawy, the goalkeeper of Al-Ahly club, kept his smile throughout the official Ramiz Majnoon episode, and the wheelchair did not provoke him from the beginning until the end of the episode.

The star of the people did not show any nervousness, as he continued to maintain his smile, and consequently all the intimidation moves that Jalal tried to create failed compared to the rest of the guests. Captain Mohamed Chaoui is the first star to keep his smile even after Ramiz Jalal put the serpent near his face.

Al-Shennawi managed to place Ramiz Jalal in the water after the end of the wheelchair vertebrae. Viewers believe that today’s episode was counted in favor of the guest, who emerged victorious over Ramiz Jalal.


These were the details of the news of Captain Al-Shinnawi, embarrassing Ramez Jalal in front of millions of viewers, and putting him in an unenviable position for this day. We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and information.

It is also worth noting that the original news has been published and available on Yemen Time The editorial team has done in Gulf 365 Make sure of it and it may have been modified, and it may have been completely transferred or quoted from it. You can read and follow the developments of this news from its main source.


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