Cafe refuses to receive the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the reason is Corona – one world – outside the border


A New Zealand coffee shop apologized for receiving the country’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and her boyfriend, given that the number of customers had reached the level allowed by the social spacing rules imposed to counter the spread of the Coronavirus.

The government eased many of the restrictions on Thursday and reopened cafes, cinemas and shopping malls two months after applying restrictions that were among the most stringent in the world to fight the disease.

New Zealand media reported that Ardern and her boyfriend, Clark Gifford, went to the café for breakfast on Saturday in the capital, Wellington, but were initially told that he had been filled with the permissible limit of customers. But a coffee shop employee caught up with them a few minutes later when they left a table and we were able to return.

Gifford blamed himself and said on Twitter, “I have to take responsibility for that, I didn’t arrange for it and book anywhere … It was so nice of them that they followed us when I left a table. Excellent service.”

The Prime Minister’s press office said waiting at a café was an expected issue due to Corona’s restrictions.

“The prime minister says she is waiting as everyone does,” state television quoted the Jordan Press Office as saying.

New Zealand was able to contain the Corona pandemic before it pressured the country’s health system. Data from the Ministry of Health showed that the country recorded 1149 confirmed injuries and 21 deaths as of Sunday.



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