By the decision of the Minister of Education: a supervisory committee for programming, annexing and closing schools – Saudi News


The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al Sheikh issued a decision to form the Supervisory Committee for School Planning, under his chairmanship and the membership of a number of officials and specialists, in order to increase the efficiency of spending and employment for public education schools and programs, and the level of services provided there.

The committee evaluates the criteria for developing, programming, annexing and closing general education schools and programs, in a manner that ensures raising their efficiency, maximizing the return on the education sector, reviewing the distribution of secondary schools, determining the standard numbers of students, and studying converting them into secondary schools (more than one neighborhood), to increase the efficiency of their operation And provide integrated services.

The committee specializes in reviewing the distribution of schools and the appropriate standard numbers for them, and re-prioritizing neighborhood schools, in order to achieve maximum benefit from them and achieve internal and external efficiency for these facilities.

The committee shall work to complete the work program and complete the outputs within 90 days from the date of the decision. The committee may form sub-committees, work teams and delegate any of its powers, as required by the work interest.


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