By “recovering” and “testing” … defeating the impossible – Saudi News


The Saudi health authorities have great hope that the curfew throughout the day, during the Eid al-Fitr holiday from yesterday, will lead to a slowdown in infections with the new Corona virus. This would allow the Kingdom to exit from the 15th rank in the world, which it currently occupies in the number of injuries, with about 70161 injuries until the 24 hours ending Saturday noon. Experts point out that the proper analysis of the government figures announced internationally, and monitored internationally, confirms that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is running a successful battle against the Covid-19 epidemic, despite the high number of injuries. This is something that studies by Saudi health experts expect, and they warned earlier this month that the worst scenario could involve up to 200,000 injuries. Added to this is the relatively low number of deaths, as Saudi Arabia has recorded no more than 379 deaths. In the intensive care beds, there were no more than 276 injured. It should also be taken into account the significant increase in the number of people recovering, which reached 41236. This means that the number of active injuries being treated is actually 28,546 injured. It is equivalent to injuring 1949 people out of every one million people in Saudi Arabia. About 10 deaths per million inhabitants. Among the positives that top the success of the Saudi health strategy to cope with the spread of the epidemic is the increasing number of tests being conducted in the country. Yesterday there were 684,615 tests. It is a large number compared to other countries, especially whose strategy is to intensify tests to slow the epidemic outbreak. In Egypt, only 135 thousand tests were conducted. And in Sudan only 394. In major countries, health planners have tended to intensify tests in proportion to high prevalence and deaths. Including 13 million tests in the United States, 3.2 million in Britain, and 3.2 million tests in Germany, which says it has defeated the first wave of the epidemic with those tests.


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