Bushra and Hassan Al-Raddad present a new animated series called “Reid and Raydah”. Know the details


The actress, Bushra, has finished her voice on the events of the animated series, entitled “A vein of a vein,” which is the first cartoon series about donating blood.

Hassan al-Raddad, Nevin Mahmoud, George Yacoub recording, Shaaban Muhammad, and directed by Muhammad Mahran are participating in the championship, and no date has been set for its launch on either YouTube or one of the digital platforms.

On the other hand, Bushra is currently participating in Ramadan in the series “The Moon Last of the World”, directed by Tamer Hamza, and its events revolve in a social and romantic framework. Jalal, the youngest son of actress Samira Abdel Aziz, with whom he, his wife and daughter lives.

The last of Bushra’s latest participation in the drama was the series “Hidden Worlds” in front of the leader Adel Imam, Rania Farid Shawky, Salah Abdullah, Osama Abbas, Heba Magdi, Tariq Sabry and others, directed by Ramy Imam.


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