“Breaking into the world of training and mockery of the green technical director” .. Tayseer Al-Jassim ignites it


Tayseer Al-Jassim, the Al-Ahly historical star and the current Kuwaiti Al-Nasr player, revealed the fact that he stormed the training field after retiring from football.

Al-Jassem, 35, started his career in the Sunni classes of the desertion team, before moving on to Al-Ahly, who had been playing for 16 years, before leaving for the Kuwaiti victory.

Al-Jasim denied in a press statement that he entered the field of training in the future, saying: “I do not underestimate this matter permanently.”

In another context, the Kuwaiti Al-Nasr star confirmed that he was hoping for the Dutch coach Van Marwijk, along with the first Saudi national soccer team, to criticize at the same time, critic of former green coach Edgardo Bawza.

Al-Jassim added: “Bawza was a very strange coach, so that we, as players in the camp, were asking ourselves this, how did Lionel Messi coach with Argentina?”

The former Al-Ahly star continued: “At the 2018 World Cup in Russia we were very impulsive against the strong Russia team, which proved that its players were using doping, but we were quieter against Uruguay and Egypt.”

Tayseer Al-Jassim continued: “I had hoped that Van Marwijk would continue for the next 10 years with the Saudi national team, and he is the coach who affected me the most in the green.”


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