Beneficial benefits of Vitamin B … that keep nerves


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Beneficial benefits of Vitamin B .. Keeps the nerves, today, Wednesday, May 6, 2020 07:31 AM

The B vitamins contribute to many vital functions in the human body, but how they get them and on which of the functions and organs of the body affect.

Vitamin B means eight different vitamins, all of which play a role in converting food into energy, and each type of them has health benefits for the body, according to the medical news today.

Vitamin B1 is one of the vitamins important for the growth and function of the body’s organs, including the brain and heart, in addition to helping it reduce pain and inflammation levels, and prevents cellular damage from occurring.

Beneficial benefits of vitamin

As for vitamin B2, the body needs it to dissolve fat.
Vitamin B3 is needed by the body to maintain healthy skin and nerves, and is necessary for the health of the brain and nervous system. Vitamin B6 يساعد also helps to create new red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body, and also maintain the strength of the immune system, and it is advised to only consume 200 mg, because the excesses exhaust the nerves.

Vitamin “B7” is necessary for healthy hair and nails, and to complete nerve function.

Vitamin B9 helps reduce the risk of children with birth defects, as the body uses them to make DNA and genetic materials.

Finally, the body’s nerve cells and blood cells need significant vitamin B12.

Some studies indicate that taking “vitamin B” has the potential to enhance the role of nerves, by accelerating the regeneration of nerve tissue, improving nerve function, and maintaining the health of the covers surrounding nerve endings.

The foods rich in “vitamin B” according to the “health line” are meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, low-fat dairy products, breakfast cereals and vegetables.


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