Before accusing him of theft … a photo that stirs controversy over Haifa Wehbe’s relationship with her business manager


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Social media users shared the photo of former Haifa Wehbe’s director, Mohammed Waziri, as she wore her bag while they were walking together while surrounded by the artist’s bodyguards.

Speculation speculated about whether the bag was for “Minister” or the artist.

And if it was likely that he was helping the artist to carry her bag while she was passing through a health problem in the middle of last year, and the image spread these days, while “Wehbe” sued her manager, after accusing him of stealing about 63 million pounds.

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese artist Haifa edited a report through her lawyer in Egypt, “Kantosh”, carrying No. 17766 for the year 2020, misdemeanor of Nasr City, against her former director of work, Mohamed Hamza Abdel Rahman Mohamed, famous for Mohamed Waziri. She accused him of using her editorial power of attorney for her business manager to receive financial dues from producers and TV channels.

As for “My Minister,” he worked for many years as a Wehbe business manager, and for two years, he participated in the series “The Curse of Karma”, as her brother who does not know about the family ties between them, while Haifa plays the fraudster who wants to regain her financial right from her father , And the series directed by Khairi Bishara .. Muhammad also produced her “Ghosts of Europe” as his first production experiment in 2019.

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