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Friday 08 May 2020

Books – Ramadan Hassan:
The Ramadan drama race this year had its impact on reducing the severity of the Egyptians ’talk about the” Corona emerging “virus for the first time since mid-February, on social networking sites, where the features of competition began to appear among the stars and drama makers after the first episodes were presented, as well as recording the audience’s first impressions All work, and their expectations for the best in Ramadan 2020.

During the Ramadan race, soap operas used to use their personal accounts on social media to promote their work and attract viewers by publishing daily news about their series, and followers interacted on Twitter and YouTube or search on Google, and this interaction is monitored via a tag on behalf of the series that the audience uses to express his opinion With it, the interaction continues during Ramadan with the scenes and episodes of the series on these tags.

Mohamed Ramadan is one of the best artists who have used communication sites to promote his dramatic works in recent years, especially during the Ramadan race for drama, according to critics and specialists. For Ramadan, “Twitter” was the most important platform to promote his series and monitor his audience’s interaction with them, but the series “Prince” He did not find his usual place on the “Twitter” trend list in Egypt this year, which prompted “Ramadan” to resort to the Google search engine to use it in promoting his series, and “Masrawy” in this report monitors the reasons for Muhammad Ramadan resorting to “Google” to promote his series, and whether it affected His recent actions on audience interaction Social Media with his works?

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With the beginning of the first episodes of the dramas participating in the Ramadan season, the series “Choice” by Amir Karara and the “End” by Youssef Al-Sharif captured the audience’s reaction to “tension”, and they released the “Trend” list at intervals during the first week of Ramadan, At the same time, Mohamed Ramadan’s name appeared for the first time on the list of the most-traded on Twitter, ranking 9th, after the presentation of the first episode of the “Prince” series, after which he disappeared in front of the development of the events of the “Choice” series, which remained preserved in his presence in the list of the most-traded in the series Ramadan, next to the “End” series.

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After the presentation of the second episode of “Prince” series, the artist Mohamed Ramadan did not find the name of his series among the most frequently discussed on any social media platform in Egypt, to use “google trends” for the first time to promote his series, where he posted on his personal page on “Facebook”, a picture of a modified analysis Interest in searching for the name “Prince” in the countries of the world, but Egypt was not among the countries most searching for its series in the last hours on the second day of Ramadan.

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At the same time in the month of Ramadan last year, “Ramadan” was using Twitter to promote its series “Earthquake”, which he participated in during the Ramadan 2019 season, where he posted on his page on “Facebook” a photo stating that his series tops the “Trend” Twitter list in Egypt in the sixth The days of last Ramadan.

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Two days later, “Ramadan” used Google Trends for the first time last Ramadan to tell his followers that his most searched series on Google is in Saudi Arabia, but he did not publish the Google map of the most searched again until the end of the holy month, to publish the interest rate analysis on “Google” For the second day of Eid Al-Fitr for the year 2019, the series “Earthquake” occupied the first position after showing the last episode.
By monitoring the personal accounts of Muhammad Ramadan, headed by his personal Facebook page, Ramadan always uses the interactions of his fans on Twitter and YouTube to promote the success of his drama and lyrical works, whether topping the trend on Twitter or achieving his channel The most watched YouTube private.

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On the evening of the fifth day of Ramadan, Muhammad Ramadan published a number of pictures of the audience’s reactions to the “Prince” series for his followers on Twitter, using the # Prince tag to interact with the series, which is the first time that “Ramadan” displays the views of his fans in this way since the Legend series show In Ramadan 2016, which is considered the most successful of his drama works according to “Ramadan” itself, and despite the presence of interaction with his series on “Twitter”, the name of the series did not appear in the list of the most traded except for a few hours until the end of the second week of Ramadan.
“Mohamed Ramadan has lost the tools of communicating with the public on the social media,” according to art critic, Tariq Al-Shennawi, who confirmed that the actions of “Ramadan” and his attitudes in the recent period have created a gap between him and his fans, “he must restore the relationship between him and his fans in order to meet the reaction.” That every year we used to have on social media. “
He added: “Muhammad Ramadan al-Sunnah is in a friendly state, because he returned to the same director who worked with him,” The Legend, “which was the highest peak of his success on the level of drama, stressing that the Egyptian audience specifically does not remember the personal mistakes of the artist.

Is the relationship of “Ramadan” affected by its fans after its recent crises?

Last February 8, the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr published a video on his Facebook page, in which he confirmed that the artist Mohamed Ramadan caused his suspension from work, after the latter published a video from inside the cabin of the plane’s flight belonging to one of the private airlines. Ramadan “in a major crisis that engulfed public opinion, started its noise on social media, and as the crisis developed between the two parties, the pilot found sympathy from the pioneers of the social media.
This incident was the beginning of the changing shape of the relationship between Mohamed Ramadan and his fans on social media, as “Ramadan” faced a campaign calling for a boycott of his work. Indeed, followers of “Ramadan” on his personal page on Facebook began to express their anger at his positions.

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And for the first time, the fans of “Ramadan” started using the “angered me” on its pictures and publications, which is not used by “Ramadan” from his followers whose number exceeds 8 million followers, as this angry interaction has become associated with any content that “Ramadan” publishes on his page. Own.

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The official page of Muhammad Ramadan, which he established in January 2015, and which is managed by 8 people, has witnessed a significant increase in the number of followers on it during the past three years, but this rate reached its lowest level during the period of the attack on him last February, according to the “blade social” tool “It is specialized in analyzing the statistics of social media accounts, and it also showed that the interaction with daily page content is lower than the daily average before the date of the Ramadan crisis.”
Tariq Al-Shennawi believes that Muhammad Ramadan’s recent actions prevented him from achieving success and the proportions of watching the Legend series, although the “Prince” series is a good work of art, but “Ramadan” has lost a large part of the public’s obsession with everything it offers, especially after its recent crises. He must restore his relationship with his fans again.
According to “Google” indicators, the “Prince” series ranked first in the list of the most searched for the famous search engine, 8 days since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, where artist Mohamed Ramadan is keen to publish the indicators “Google” that indicate; to issue his series for the search engine in Egypt , On a daily basis, on his Facebook page.

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