Barcelona News: Rivaldo advises Coutinho to show his loyalty to Barcelona in this way


Sport 360- Rivaldo’s face, Legend of Club Barcelona, Advice for his fellow club player Felipe Coutinho, whose loan ends for the club Bayern Munich By the end of the season, he will show his loyalty to the Catalans, if no new move is made for him after the loan period ends.

Rivaldo said, in comments reported by British newspaper The Sun,: “Next season there is still time to start, and Coutinho will have time to recover from his current injury.”

Rivaldo: Coutinho has to show his eagerness to stay in Barcelona

He continued: “On the other hand, if Coutinho does not move and remains in Barcelona, ​​the step of reducing the salary based on the player’s decision will win the approval of the administration, and it will show that he is keen to stay in the club, and will ultimately demonstrate its value.”

“There are many clubs that have already reduced the salaries of their players due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, but if the player takes a step forward, this may be seen as the behavior of someone interested in staying at the club,” added the former Barcelona star.

“A lot of things can happen next season, we can wait for the next seasons to tell you the story,” Rivaldo added.

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