Barcelona News: Inter agree to Barcelona’s request to reduce the price of Laotaro, but only on condition!


Lautaro Martinez is an Inter Milan player

Sport 360 – Male websiteall footballThat management intermilan She may agree to reduce the price of her star Laotaro Martinez’s sale to Club Club Barcelona Spanish, But in a small percentage, the condition that Nerazzurri sign a player from Barca.

And Argentine international Laotaro Martinez is the main goal of FC Barcelona in the upcoming transfer market, as it will be the perfect alternative for the Uruguayan Luis Suarez in the future.

Inter Milan, in turn, insists that Barcelona pay the penalty clause in the Laotaro Martinez contract, which is estimated at 111 million euros.

Inter Milan accepts Barcelona’s request, but only on condition!

But the site indicated that Inter Milan might agree to lower the price a bit if one of the Barcelona players is included in the deal.

The site added that Barcelona’s Chilean Arturo Vidal is considered one of Inter Milan’s goals since last summer, and its inclusion in a Laotaro Martinez deal will make things easier for Barca.

Also, Simedo or Junior Verbo, one of them may be part of a transfer deal for Laotaro Martinez to Barcelona.

The website added that Inter Milan would reduce the price of Lautaro Martinez from 111 million euros to 90 million if he contracted with Vidal, Semedo or Verbo from Barca.

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