Barack Obama implicitly criticizes Trump for his handling of the Corona virus and denounces inequality against black Americans


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                Former US President Barack Obama implicitly criticized President Donald Trump's administration for the Corona virus crisis, stating that a number of officials "are not even trying to pretend they are responsible." Obama added in a graduation ceremony held via the Internet and broadcast on Saturday evening to the graduates of the "historically black colleges and universities network" that black Americans suffer from inequality and expressed his dissatisfaction with the killing of the young black man Ahmed Arbiri who was killed while he was running jogging in Georgia, without mentioning his name .

                                    <p>The former American president spoke <strong>Barack Obama </strong>Saturday to students at a virtual graduation ceremony, in a rare public speech since an epidemic emerged <strong>Corona Virus</strong> During which he indirectly criticized the administration of the current president<strong> Donald Trump </strong>For the pandemic.

The former Democratic president does not usually attack Donald Trump by name in public, but he often implicitly criticized him. In a congratulatory message broadcast during a Saturday evening party for “historically black colleges and universities network” alumni, Obama spoke of the epidemic. “Above all, the epidemic finally ended the idea that many of our officials know what to do,” he said. He added, “A number of them are not even trying to pretend they are responsible.”

Obama stressed that the health crisis revealed the inequality of black Americans, expressing his dissatisfaction with the killing of Ahmed Arberry, without mentioning his name.

This 25-year-old was shot and killed, on 23 February, while running in a residential neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia, a southern state.

He said that “a disease like this reveals the underlying inequality and historical burden that black societies bear in this country.” “We note this when a black man practices running and people decide to intercept his path and ask and kill him if he does not answer their questions.”

American media reported that in private conversations, Obama explicitly described the Trump administration to the epidemic crisis as “an utter anarchic catastrophe” in a telephone conversation with his former aides on May 8, according to US media.

He confirmed that he would devote “the maximum amount of time possible to campaign intensively for Joe Biden,” the Democratic candidate for the presidential elections in November, after he expressed his support for him in a video recording on April 14.

France 24 / AFP



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