Banned approach: a black hole near the ground


Discover Scientists Astronomy at The observatory European Southern A hole black New He the closest to me Earth From between Discoveries Similar And falls at System astral Visible By eye Naked.

Quotes Agency the press French About The observatory Saying it at statement Today that His scholars Find out A hole black Stellar Coming up From Collapse a star enormous internally Parallels Its size Four Times size the sun.. Unlike For holes Black people Awesome This The hole silent Because he No Reacts A picture Violent With His surroundings Which No Absorbs Materials, So It does black Really And in Site hidden at the system Astral (H. R. 6819).

He studied Team The observatory European Southern at Initial The matter (H. R. 6819) On it’s a System astral couple It includes Collection miscellaneous From Star The largest And more Glow From the sun Thanks stencil Spectrum «virus» Notice Scientists Astronomy that one The two stars she was She moves Quickly Larger From the second And commuting in a way Non Regular Around Body Non Visible Once All Forty One day.

And from During Study This Path They managed From monitor Existence hole black And calculate size Its mass.

And he said Scientist Physics Astronomer Thomas Rivinius and he The stomach President To study Which Posted by magazine (Astronome And Astrophysics)that A body Non Visible Size Parallels Four Times On the least size the sun No Could that is being but hole black».

In turn, Peter Hadrava of the Academy of Sciences in the Czech capital Prague said: “We were quite surprised when we realized that it was the first stellar system visible to the naked eye with a black hole.”


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