Ballack enumerates the benefits of Haveritz’s stay for an additional year in Leverkusen


Michael Ballack, the former German national footballer, believes that staying for one additional year for Kay Havertz with Bayer Leverkusen will not cause any harm to the player.

Ballack told the German newspaper Sportbild today, Wednesday: “The general conditions are ideal for the distinguished young players and their development.”

He added, “Leverkusen also provides a cautious environment, and as a player you can sometimes make mistakes without becoming a critic at once. You should appreciate this.”

Indeed, Haveritz became one of the best German football stars at the age of 20, and for a long time he was nominated to leave the team in the summer.

The player’s contract with Leverkusen continues until 2022.

Because of the Coruna virus crisis, many experts expect the value of the transfer fee to drop, so Leverkusen can refuse to do so.


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