Badria students trousers reveals the Ramiz fabrication, the official Ramez Majnoon program


Many wonder if the official Ramez Crazy Dumps program is fabricated or not? .. In the midst of this, the artist Badria Tolba issued a brief statement, which some considered as confirmation of the fact that the program was fabricated.

And revealed “Badria” in her statement via Instagram on the condition that the management of the program requires the guests, which some considered as evidence of prelude with the guest to the nature of the prank.

In her statement, she said: I hope that you will have a ring of Ramiz, and I would like to explain to you the scenes of the episode, starting with a call from Arwa to make a meeting with her on her program, and the preparation asked me to wear fit for a program that includes games and competitions, and the best trousers.

She added, “After a question from Arwa, I took Brahms. For everyone’s knowledge, we are not going to insult ourselves because of the money, nor do we take millions, nor did I know.”

And I added: The story is that the Ramez program is a strong program, and it has an audience, a high viewership, and the program pays a lot of fun and enjoyment, because we care about your enjoyment and your smile in Ramadan.


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