Badria students and hysterical screams in the program “Ramez Majnun Official” … video!


Today’s news, Art News: Badriya Talabeh and a hysterical scream in “Ramez Majnun Official” … video! News source – Akhbar Al-Youm – the portal with the details of the news, Badriya Talabeh and a hysterical scream in the “Ramez Majnun Official” program .. Video! :

Victim of tonight’s episode of “Ramiz Majnoun Rasmi” Egyptian actress “Badria Tolba”.

As usual, the episode was opened with sarcastic comments from Ramiz Ali Badria, who included “by her feeling when she was inside, as if she was buying vegetables” and added, “He wore my clothes,” and other comic comments ..

Before Ramez looked, Badria commented to him that she described him mad before leaving the photo in the studio and threatening her with the prank and what was from her, but she started screaming … and even she insulted Ramez.

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At the end of the episode, Badriya stated that she learned from today’s experience not to go to any programs again, and also surprised the audience by launching “Zagrotaa”, which the audience commented on, “On it, a filthy Zagrota from under the molar, what a moon” ..

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