Auction to sell one of the largest lunar meteors in the world


A piece of one of the largest lunar meteorites in the world is being offered for sale at a value of two million pounds ($ 2.49 million) inside the auction house “Christie”.

The moon’s rock weighs more than 13.5 kg, and scientists say it may have split from the moon’s surface because it collided with an asteroid or comet and then fell on the Sahara Desert.

The rock is the fifth largest piece of the moon found on Earth, and there are only 650 kg of moon rock known on Earth.

“The experience of holding a piece of another world in your hands is something you will never forget. It is actually a piece of the moon. It is the size of football,” said James Hislop, head of Christie’s science and natural history department.

Scientists have confirmed the nature of the stone, after rock samples brought by the American space missions from the moon.

Christie’s will also offer a private collection of 13 meteorites for sale by auction, which is estimated at 1.4 million pounds ($ 1.7 million).


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