Atalanta coach announced he was infected with Coronavirus before the Valencia match


Gasperini said in statements to the newspaper “Gazeta dello Sport” that he was ill when his team arrived at the Spanish club Valencia on March 10, in the second leg of the Champions League final price match, a game that was held behind closed doors against the fans with the start of the “Coffed” outbreak -19 “.

Atalanta won that match 4-3, and qualified for the quarter-finals with a total of 4-4 in the round trip.
“On the eve of the Valencia match I was sick,” Gasperini said. “On the afternoon of the match, my condition was worse. I didn’t look good on the bench.”

He continued: “It was March 10, the next two days in Zingonia (Atalanta training headquarters), I slept little, I did not suffer from the heat, but I felt tired as if my temperature was 40.”

“The ambulances were passing every two minutes, there is a hospital near (from the headquarters), it looked like we were in a war zone, at night I was asking myself + If I go to him, what will happen to me? +”

The 62-year-old coach explained that he had not undergone a “Covid-19” examination because he was not suffering from heat, but it was confirmed ten days ago that he was suffering from the virus, after he underwent a test that showed his antibodies were present in his body.

He continued: “It was found that there are antibodies, but that does not mean that I have acquired immunity” to prevent infection from catching again.
Gasperini revealed that four days after the Valencia match, he began to feel better and worse had passed, before returning and losing the sense of taste, which is one of the known symptoms of “Covid-19”.

He confirmed that he spent three weeks at the club’s headquarters: “When I returned to my home in Turin, I kept respect for the rules of social separation with my wife and children.”

Headquartered in Bergamo, the city in northern Italy is one of the main hotspots for the country’s outbreak in the past months.

Experts and officials have suggested that the match against Atalanta against Valencia in the first leg of the Champions League final, which was held on February 19, is one of the main reasons for the widespread epidemic.

The match hosted the San Siro stadium in Milan (also in the northern city). About 40,000 fans turned to Atalanta from Bergamo for the meeting, and celebrated noisily with their team’s 4-1 victory.

“We need years to understand what really happened,” Gasperini said.

Italy is one of the countries worst affected by the “Covid-19” epidemic in terms of deaths, with more than 33 thousand declared deaths. However, the rate of injuries and deaths has decreased in recent times, allowing the country to reduce the procedures for closures and isolation.
Italian Serie A competitions are scheduled to return from June 20, behind closed doors.

He criticized the former coach of Inter Milan and Genoa, some considered that the resumption of game activity is “immoral” in light of the tragedy caused by “Covid-19”.

He said: “I saw some people singing on the porches of homes in Bergamo while loading the bodies in the trucks, I did not consider it + immoral +, I considered it an instinctive response, an attempt to hang on to life.”

He added: “The people of Bergamo are like embers under the ashes, none of the players left the city, some of whom lost weight, which could indicate psychological difficulties, Atalanta can help Bergamo to rise, while respecting the pain and mourning, the team remained connected to the suffering of Bergamo, and will carry with it That to the field. ”


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