Assad – Makhlouf … settling scores and disagreement over influence What brought the greatest conflict within the ruling family into the open?


The disagreement within the family of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which was revealed by the last video of his cousin, Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf, is not new, but his exit to the open in this way and at this time has refocused on the worsening financial problems that the Syrian regime suffers and the exacerbation of the struggle for influence, after nine years From a war that exhausted the country and its institutions, and at a time when the regime was suffering a stifling financial constraint. Until recently, talk of a dispute between Assad and Makhlouf was included in the framework of rumors and impossible, especially since Makhlouf was for more than two decades, the most powerful wings of the narrow ruling elite in the country and the “reservoir Alma” J “for the family, especially after it became the main beneficiary of the” liberal “economic launched by the era of Bashar al-Assad, and built a real empire, and was seeking to achieve its own interests through the monopoly of” privatization “of public institutions, and the investment in the new” private “banks. He also owned a large share in the private company “Syriatel” for communications. With a fortune worth billions of dollars, Makhlouf became the main financier of the pro-Assad militias, which had a decisive role in suppressing the Syrian revolution, generously supporting activities …


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