Asala publishes a touching message to her brother: “Make me feel safe”


I headed The artist authenticity to me Her brother Anas in words Impressive, Considering it’s a The bond More powerful at Her life.

And published picture Combine them, She commented: ”Lula Your existence at my life What It was For safety Place at my life all of which On Absolute“.

And she followed: ”You are The good Generous Compassionate Which You wish it A son to her All Mother.. And brother A gentleman Trustworthy you dream in it All sister.. You are My brother The beloved near.. And you My Father Which he decided that is being My dearest Friend.. together Always Oh The most beautiful Free For my children Whose They see you Also as such See you.. And me Always Your voice And you Which Move It controls And accommodate It is encouraged Let’s stay Always You are And me example To succeed And for determination And for His Highness“.

And sealed: ”I love you And most proud of In you Oh The most beautiful Youth the world And their best Oh My brother“.


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