“Arrest me,” Tesla’s founder challenges the authorities and reopens his factory


Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Monday in a tweet that production will resume at the company’s only auto plant in the United States, in California, defying the closure order.

He added that if anyone should be arrested, he must be, and Musk threatened – over the weekend – California to transfer Tesla’s activities to Texas or Nevada because of the closure of his factory.

His move highlighted the damage to jobs in states still under closure, while other states quickly opened their activities in response to an invitation from US President Donald Trump.

Musk argued that the state-level stay at home set by Governor Gavin Newsome had left room for the Tesla auto manufacturing plant to remain open. Musk filed a lawsuit against Alameda County on Saturday to protest the decision to extend the closure.

Newsom said on Monday that the country had “very constructive talks” with county officials and Tesla representatives, and expressed the hope that the company would open its doors “early next week.”

The company argues that it must be exempt from the boycott procedures, because the state-wide closure did not include the transportation and energy sectors, and Tesla says it is part of both sectors.

Tesla told all the employees that they should prepare to return to work, and said they can stay at home if they feel uncomfortable, but they must take leave without pay to do so.

Tesla argues that it must be exempt from county closures that exclude the transportation and energy sectors (Reuters)

Other auto makers, such as Ford and General Motors, are due to resume manufacturing activities in the United States later this month.

Some of these auto manufacturers wanted to follow Mask’s steps, but they faced resistance from the United Auto Workers Union, which represents their workforce, but the Mask factory did not belong to the union.

Musk was one of the most prominent voices who refused to close due to the Coronavirus, saying in late April that the authorities were “forcibly imprisoning” people. Likening the measures to “fascism”.

Alameda County responded late on Monday, saying it expects Tesla to present a “plan to open the site later today,” adding that she “looks forward to reviewing the Tesla plan, and to reaching agreement on the protocol and timetable for the reopening safely,” although Musk has already opened his factory.

“We learned today May 11 that the Tesla plant in Fremont was opened to operate with minimal basic operations. We have informed Tesla that they can only maintain the minimum basic operations so that we have an approved plan that can be implemented in accordance with the public health system,” the district told The Virg. the local”.


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