Armed Forces: 4 officers, 3 non-commissioned officers, and 8 soldiers were martyred and wounded while clearing terrorist outposts (video)


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The Armed Forces issued an urgent statement on completing the heroic actions of the armed forces and police heroes, successive successes in chasing and defeating terrorist elements in Sinai, eliminating the infrastructure of terrorist elements and continuing to achieve successes in all strategic directions of the state.

And the operations during the last period resulted in the following results: the implementation of (22) raids and (16) specific operations, which resulted in the killing of 126 takfiri individuals, who were found in possession of a number of different weapons and explosive belts intended for detonation in northern and central Sinai.

The Air Force also targeted and destroyed (228) hideouts and shelters used by terrorist elements, in addition to destroying (116) four-wheel drive vehicles, including (34 vehicles on the strategic north-eastern direction – 62 on the western strategic direction – 20 on the southern strategic direction).

The armed forces were able to discover and detonate (630) explosive devices that were planted to target our forces on the movement roads in the areas of operations and to discover and destroy (8) tunnels holes, while the number (56) cars and (226) motorcycles without metal plates used by the elements were seized and destroyed Terrorist during sweeping and raiding.

The armed forces succeeded in arresting (266) criminal, wanted and criminal suspects.

As a result of the valiant hostilities of our armed forces in the areas of operations, he won the honor of martyrdom and injury (4) officers, (3) noncommissioned officers and (8) soldiers during the engagement and clearing of terrorist outposts.

The armed forces and the police confirm their continued efforts to eliminate terrorism, uproot its roots and provide security and safety for the great people of Egypt.

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