Apple and Google launch an app that notifies you that you have coronavirus around you


Apple and Google launched the first version of the Covid-19 application, which notifies people of the presence of people infected with the Corona virus in their surroundings.

According to the “Axios” website, the application is available to health authorities to start using it on Apple and Android phones.

The application works with the “bluetooth” technology found on mobile phones, to increase the tracking of human contacts, and to provide a way for people to know if they are surrounded by people who are infected with the Corona virus or not.

The two companies stressed that the data and identity of the injured people will be confidential, as only the application will inform its user whether it is infected with them.

The technology has been provided in a number of US states and about 22 countries around the world, and the two companies expect that more health authorities in various countries of the world will benefit from this technology in the coming weeks.

You can visit the original news from here >> This news published in the Yemen News website was published from the Marib Press website

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