Apple and Google are launching an app that tells you the presence of an infected Corona near you


Apple and Google announced the completion of the initial version of the “Covid-19” application, to notify people of the presence of people infected with coronaviruses in their surroundings, according to the website “axios”. The two companies reported that the application is available to health authorities to start using it, and that it is available on Apple (ios) or Android phones, after updating their new systems.

The two companies confirmed, “The application works based on the Bluetooth technology found in mobile phones, to increase the tracking of human contacts, and to provide a way for people to know if they are surrounded by people infected with the Corona virus or not.”

“This technology is in the hands of public health agencies around the world who will take the lead and will continue to support their efforts,” the companies said.

As for the way the application works, if someone records that the test result of the virus is positive, his phone will send messages to all the people he contacted, and the Bluetooth technology picks up signals for the neighboring people who use the application and send notifications that tell everyone that there is a neighboring person infected with the Corona virus.

Edited by: Fatima Saleh


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