Aoun: We will not allow the security situation in Lebanon to escape


The Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, expressed his fear that some political forces may exploit the popular protests, stressing that he understands the Lebanese people’s desire for positive changes to occur and his right to freedom of protest.

Aoun hoped in an interview with “Sputnik” that all officials and political parties in Lebanon had understood well that the Lebanese had exploded in the face of corruption, the loss of job opportunities, and the looting of state finances over many years, “noting that” he understood that people They want quick and concrete changes, but tackling the repercussions of the past 30 years will not happen overnight. ”

Aoun pointed out that “he had previously invited the Lebanese to maintain their vigilance in observing the course of things,” and he said: “Here I invite them again to do so. But we cannot ask a government that has not exceeded a hundred days to perform miracles.”

Aoun expressed his fear that “the curse of the street will be exploited by some parties that are dissatisfied with the government’s serious performance, to explode the protests,” and said: “We will not allow the security situation to slip through, while preserving the freedom to demonstrate and express.”

The demanded popular protests, which started on October 17 of last year, were renewed several days ago, especially in the cities of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, Saida in the south, and turned into riots that included burning banks and confrontations with the Lebanese army and security forces.

On Friday, the government signed a request for assistance from the International Monetary Fund, according to a rescue plan that represents an economic vision to extract Lebanon, which last March failed for the first time to pay its international dues, from the stifling economic and financial crisis.


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