Anger at Ramez Jalal after he flew with Mohie Ismail in “Ramez Majnoon Rasmi” (video) – Erm News


Egyptian artist Mohy Ismail fell victim to artist Ramiz Jalal, at the mold of his program, “Ramiz Majnoun Official”, amid angry reactions from followers on social media platforms; Because Ramez Jalal completed his entire program with Muhyi Ismail, despite his old age, when he was 73 years old.

Commentators criticized Ramez Galal Saying that he is not aware of what he does with the major artists, especially that Mohyi Ismail is not the first, but he fought the entire paragraphs of the episode, unlike the episodes of Vivi Abdo, Abdullah Al-Khair and Nabila Obeid, whose paragraphs were canceled from their episodes.

And one of the followers tweeted from an account bearing the name of the shepherd of Basht, saying: “Fifi Abdo 70 years, Abdullah Belkhir 70 years, Nabila Obeid 75 years, Muhyi Ismail 73 years .. How did this Ramiz Jalal choose them to settle them in the mold! Even if the representation of one of the most humiliated is possible to sniff, especially in the last movement of the encounter, they matched it in Nabila Obaid because he is 100% refracted in it! Who would bear responsibility if someone went to it? ”

And the Egyptian actress, Shatha, expressed her anger at the episode, saying through her account on “Twitter”: “The most upset person she was upset about, I wish we respected his life and his artistic value # Ramiz_Majnoun_ Rasmi # Mohy_ Ismail”.

Hassan al-Najmi wrote: “The king of cinematic madness and complex roles Mohy Ismail is with # Ramiz_ Majnoon_ Rasmi, the length of the paragraphs, and God is afraid of him … the adults do not.”

Abdul Rahman Al-Naeem added: “# Ramiz_ Majnoon_Shaymi played in Mohey Ismail … a man in the 90’s is for you.”

The journalist writer, Mustafa Ammar, commented: “Our people taught us that there is poetry between Al-Hazar and the lack of literature, and what happened with Professor Mohi Ismail and Professor Nabila Obaid, unfortunately, lack of literature and taste.”

Our people taught us that there is a hair between Hazar and lack of literature.
Unfortunately, what happened with Professor Mohi Ismail and Professor Nabila Obaid
Lack of literature and taste.

Posted by Mostafa Ammar on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Walaa Al-Koumi added: “Ok, the oldest brother, my brother, in my eras, as I did not observe confusion, nor because there is no disruption, an insult to a big man like that, even if I agree # especially.”

Ok, take care of the elderly brother in my life, as you did not observe confusion and not because of the disruption of the appearance of insulting a large man like that even if I agree # especially ??
He also says, Oh, Mohy ?

Posted by Walaa Komy on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The artist Mohy Ismail was surprised that the artist Ramiz Jalal came out of the picture, after a comment in which he said: “Ramez has to correct the path of the jokes he is saying.”

During the episode, Mohy Ismail, after placing him in the glass box filled with water, shouted: “All but water, I am afraid of it.” Then he apologized for all his sins, saying, based on Ramez Jalal’s indoctrination, “I apologize for my sins and all the prejudices that I said in the first.” , Showing great terror from the crab and snake.

Despite this, Ramez Jalal continued in his mold and rotated the artist Mohi Ismail inside the studio, then directed his speech to Ramez Jalal, saying: “You are an unprecedented extent in history, and no one except Rabbani except you.”


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