Android does not replace the journalist even if Microsoft replaces it


Washington – Microsoft has turned journalists ’fears into reality, by announcing that it has replaced dozens of journalists contracted with its“ MSN.

Journalists are currently supervising the collection of press stories from media organizations, and selecting the titles and pictures accompanying them for publication on the MSN News site.

And sources from the company told the newspaper “Seattle Times” that the artificial intelligence will take over these tasks, and that it took that decision in the framework of its periodic assessment of its profits, according to the BBC.

“Like all companies, we are reevaluating our business periodically,” said a statement issued by the American IT giant. This may lead to increased investment in some sectors, and from time to time, it may lead to a redistribution of the workforce in other sectors.

“These new decisions are not the result of the current pandemic of the current virus outbreak of Curna,” the statement added.

Microsoft pays media organizations instead of re-publishing its content on MSN. But it employs journalists to choose the stories that are suitable for publication and how to present them, so some consider that relying on artificial intelligence is difficult to determine the nature of the content that matters to the company, within the stream of media reports that spread on the Internet. Some expelled journalists have warned that artificial intelligence may not be fully aware of strict editorial standards, and may end up publishing inappropriate news or reports.

In light of the new decision, about 50 news producers will lose their jobs at the end of next June, but a team of full-time journalists will remain at the company.

“It is disappointing to think that machines will replace us, but here we are,” one of the journalists who will lose their jobs told the Seattle Times.

According to the newspaper, “The Guardian”, 27 journalists who will lose their jobs are contracted with the British company “B Media”.

One of them told the newspaper, “I spend my time reading about machine-grabbing and AI, and now she’s taken over my job.” Microsoft is one of the tech giants that is experimenting with how to use what is called automatic journalism to cut costs. Google is also investing in projects to understand how these automated systems work for journalists.

And if Microsoft is a technical company and in fact it does not produce press reports by itself, but rather collects them from press institutions, some people reduce the risk of the step on the jobs of journalists.

Microsoft is collecting news, not producing it, and is experimenting with how to use so-called automated journalism to cut costs

The Associated Press is one of the first media organizations to use artificial intelligence techniques in journalistic work. Artificial intelligence techniques were used to produce quarterly economic reports on financial incomes, and the result was remarkable at the level of both quantity and quality. The new technology contributed to the completion of more than 3000 An economic report instead of 300 reports used to take a lot of time and effort from journalists, and those reports include expert advice, and the numbers and facts contained in these reports are accurate.

Also, the robot “heliograph” in the American “Washington Post” newspaper accomplished 850 journalistic articles during one year between 2016-2017, the beginning of which was 300 reports on “Rio de Janeiro Olympics”, and after this successful experiment the newspaper used the robot to cover the election race American Election Day, and the high school football league in Washington, along with the production of many different stories and tweets.

It is noted that these reports deal with numbers more than analyzes and investigations, which distinguishes the human element from artificial intelligence, and is confirmed by many media and communication experts.

According to the Russian Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Information, Alexei Volyn, robots cannot replace a good journalist, because this is a creative profession, and it can only replace anyone except in performing technical tasks.

“A robot will never replace a journalist for the following reasons,” Fulin said on the sidelines of the Russian-Chinese Forum for New Media in Wuxi, China, last year. A good journalist is a creative career. He is not only able to reproduce or reproduce the information, he is able to ask the right questions and conclusions. ”

“Not to mention that the robot will never have a sense of humor. If we talk about artificial intelligence and robotic journalists, then we can say firmly regarding the future that robots will not replace good journalists, but poor journalists do not regret them.

“If the task is really creative, or investigative, or if it is a report or an article where you need to play on the nuances, touch the feelings and raise some links, then no robot can do this,” the deputy minister stressed.

The machines are widely used to write informational reports on stock prices and other materials related to statistical data.

Likewise, Gao Lianzhong, executive vice president of China International Radio, believes that “in the short term, the robot will not be able to replace the journalist. One day, we will probably face this problem, but it is very difficult to predict when this will happen. I believe that people will continue to play a critical role in this field. ”

China Daily editor Zhou Shuchun believes that reporters should not worry that they will be left without work due to robots.

“I think that, as in any other field, a machine can never replace a human being,” Zhou Shuchun explained. Man will always be the most important and decisive factor. ”

“I think we don’t need to worry. We need to adapt and evolve, and how to use artificial intelligence techniques, and this needs to be learned. But surely man will always be present in the field of media. ”

He continued, “Digital technologies contribute to the development of traditional media, and may lead in the future to such changes in this field that we still cannot yet imagine.”


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