An Omani artist announces his victory over SK after 20 days of treatment


Omani artist Ibrahim Al-Zadjali revealed that he had recovered from the emerging coronavirus, and that he left the “Bragel” Hospital in Abu Dhabi after a 20-day treatment.

This came during a tweet he posted on his account on the social networking site “Twitter”, in which he said: “Thanks to God and his kindness from Ali Almighty for recovery and wellness from Corona disease, so I left the hospital today after suffering 20 days with the disease, and I am healthy and well, praise be to God.”

Al-Zadjali published a video through his account on “Twitter” and “Instagram” confirming his recovery thanks to a group of doctors who photographed him and thanked them from inside the hospital amid the applause of the nursing staff.

Al-Zadjali is an Omani artist who entered the artistic field in the mid-eighties through his participation in the dubbing animation and educational programs, then he traveled to Egypt to study at the “Higher Institute for Performing Arts” and graduated in 1993.

Al-Zadjali worked as a director at his start on the Sultanate of Oman TV and presented a program called “Morning Coffee”, but he eventually settled on the acting profession, where he started in the Omani drama, and then moved to Kuwait to participate in the first work entitled “Flowers and Walls” in 1997.

The turning point in his career was when he participated in the series “Colors of Love and Torture” in 2002, after which he participated in dozens of dramas.


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