An Iranian warship accidentally “struck a missile” during a maneuver in the Gulf of Oman


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Tehran (AFP)

An Iranian ship was “bombed” by mistake during naval exercises in the Gulf of Oman, killing one person and wounding others, according to what was announced Monday by the official Iranian television.

Iranian television reported on its website that “the Konarak ship was struck by a missile yesterday afternoon (Sunday) during a military exercise in Bandar Jask waters” in southern Iran.

He pointed out that the logistical support ship was bombed after it “moved to move a target towards its destination, without leaving enough distance between it and the target.”

A report stated that the ship sank after it was hit by a missile fired by another Iranian warship.

The Iranian army confirmed the killing of Bahar, saying in a statement that “investigations are continuing” on the cause of the accident.

Konarac is a light logistical support ship manufactured in the Netherlands and purchased by Iran prior to the 1979 Islamic revolution.

State television reported that it weighed 447 tons and was 47 meters long and was equipped with four cruise missiles.

It was not immediately clear how many crew members were on the ship when the accident occurred.

Over the past year, the United States and Iran have traded accusations over a series of incidents involving their forces in Gulf waters.

Tensions have risen since 2018, when the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran and reimposed tough sanctions on its economy.

The Tasnim agency stated in a tweet in English that the Konarak ship sank after it was hit by a missile fired by another Iranian warship.

She said that Konarac “sank after being exposed to friendly fire from the frigate Jamaran by mistake with a missile during maneuvers” on May 10.

She did not provide details in her Persian report, which we buy on her website.

The Iranian armed forces accidentally fired a missile in January, which struck a Ukrainian plane shortly after take-off from Tehran on its way to Kiev, killing 176 people on board.

The Iranian army admitted a catastrophic error, saying that Iran’s air defenses were on high alert after a series of missiles were fired at two bases harboring US soldiers in Iraq.


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