An innovative way to steal … and the authorities resort to “Facebook” to solve the mystery


Authorities in Louisa, Virginia, turned to Facebook to solve the mystery of an unusual robbery that took place a few days ago.The town’s police announced on Facebook two men, wanted for justice, for stealing a small store.

But the robbery did not seem so simple at first sight, as the two accused devised an uncommon method of disguising and deceiving surveillance cameras, and wore two hollow watermelon fruits, while opening them small holes for vision.

And it seems that the resort to “Facebook” had paid off quickly after their arrest was announced, according to “Fox News” website.The arrest took place a few days ago, according to the newspaper, “Charlottesville Daily Progress,” which reported that the publication of the police announcement on “Facebook” caught the attention of some on the wider social network, and among those were those who actually saw the duo elsewhere in the city.

The police thanked “everyone” for contributing to the arrest of the accused, knowing that the crime occurred on May 6.


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