An English team leader refuses to join his team’s training for fear of his son


An English team leader refuses to join his team's training for fear of his son


                    ANDREW COULDRIDGE

England’s Watford captain, Troy Denny, has refused to return to training this week, fearing the possibility of an emerging coronavirus infection could be transmitted to his five-month-old son only.

Dini talked about his position on returning to training in the light of the pandemic of the “Covid-19″ virus. With money. ”

He added: “My son is only five months old, has breathing difficulties, so I don’t want to go home from training and put him at greater risk.”

The 31-year-old confirmed that he was prepared to bear any financial consequences and a salary cut due to his failure to return to training.

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Dini revealed that he gave up the simplest things in order to protect his family, such as the decision not to go to the barber until July, but now he is required that “19 people in the penalty area struggle to play ball head, I don’t know how that will work, no one can answer the The questions are not because they don’t want this but because they don’t have the information. ”

He revealed: “I lost my father, my grandmother and my grandfather, I have somewhat lost everyone I care about, so for me, this (family protection) is more important than putting a bunch of money in my back pocket.”

The English clubs made an important step forward in their endeavor to resume the season suspended since March because of “Covid-19”, after Monday agreed to allow group exercises in small groups starting today, with players adhering to the rules of social separation and avoiding frictions among them.

Source: “AFP”


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