An Egyptian doctor announces amazing results for a new treatment protocol for Corona virus


An Egyptian doctor announces amazing results for a new treatment protocol for Corona virus


The Egyptian doctor

The medical director of the isolation hospital in El-Bagour in Egypt, Mahmoud Abdel-Qawi, announced that the hospital started 5 days ago to follow a new treatment protocol that led to amazing results.

He indicated during a live broadcast on “Facebook” that the hospital made some amendments to the protocol of the Ministry of Health to treat the Corona virus, as this disease does not affect the patient directly, but affects the blood vessels in the body, especially the blood vessels of the lung.

He continued: “The protocol in which they work, has achieved high rates of improvement for patients, thank God, especially in critical cases. The virus affects the blood vessels, which we focused on in treatment, through treatments that improve vascular infections, and prevent clotting by using high doses.” Of coagulation solvents, which has achieved good rates of improvement, and we will do a full search for patient statistics and improvements, but the results of the last 5 days are very promising. ”

He continued: “The use of liquid drugs has had satisfactory results, and we will try to generalize this drug in the country so that everyone can benefit, and we will give the results after 14 days. It is true that the virus has no treatment yet, but the patient has always fallen in the war between the immune system and the virus The same, and the rates of thrombosis, but the liquidity drugs facilitated treatment, so our need for respirators was not significant, as only one patient needed a ventilator through a laryngeal tube, and the protocol will be circulated soon, after we have a sufficient number of cases for treatment. ”

Source: the seventh day


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