“An angel of mercy” steals an elderly man as he wrestles death in Corona – thought and art – east and west


Russia Today, quoting the British Guardian newspaper, said that the American authorities accused a nurse of stealing an elderly man who was fighting death after he was infected with the Corona virus in a hospital in New York City.

The newspaper quoted US media as saying that 43-year-old Danielle Conte works as a nurse at Staten Island University North Hospital in New York and used the credit card of the 70-year-old Anthony Catapano, 3 days before his death in Corona.

The crime was revealed after Catapano’s daughter told the police that she received a statement using a credit card on April 9 that belonged to her father, who was fighting death in the hospital, adding that the card was used by the defendant at petrol stations and grocery stores and spent $ 60 of it.

The police confirmed the accusation of the nurse when she showed her footage from surveillance cameras from a grocery store, in which she appeared to pay the price of the goods using the patient’s credit card at the same time and date, and lost some of Catapano’s personal belongings, including his glasses, cell phones, money in his wallet and phone chargers.

Daniel Conte is scheduled to appear in the Staten Island Criminal Court next September.



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