An American study confirms the effectiveness of the drug “remdisifer” in accelerating the treatment of people with corona


An American study confirms the effectiveness of a drug


A study published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” concluded that the drug “Remdisfer” has a clear and important effect in accelerating the treatment of people with the emerging coronavirus.

The study stated that the experimental “remdisever” drug, by injecting it daily into the veins over a period of 10 days, accelerated the recovery of Covid-19 patients, who were receiving hospital treatment.

The average number of days required to recover was 11 days for patients who were injected with “remdisever”, compared to 15 for others.

The effect was greater for patients who were hospitalized and not undergoing a respirator.

The authors of the study concluded that it is advisable to start treatment with the drug, before the disease becomes more frequent in the body and reaches a degree, it becomes imperative to use a respirator, but this result remains below the minimum required for statistical reliability.

In any case, “Remdisfer” does not give any guarantee of survival, according to the study’s authors, who said that “it is clear that antiviral treatment will not be sufficient on its own.”

The publication of this study comes more than three weeks after the director of the American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fuchi, announced that the experimental “remdisever” drug speeds the recovery of corona patients.

Source: AFP


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