Americans arrested in Ghosn’s escape file, and Japan is in a hurry to hand them over


Source: Dubai – Arabic.Net, agencies

Japan said Thursday that it hopes to receive two men arrested and wanted in the United States on charges related to the escape of Carlos Ghosn, the former Nissan chairman, from the country.

“We are making preparations, including working to cooperate, to deliver them urgently,” Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary, told reporters.

On Wednesday, two people arrested in the United States at the request of Japan on suspicion of helping former auto magnate Carlos Ghosn escape from the Japanese judiciary, before a federal judge in Boston informed them of the following stages of the procedures and decided to keep them arrested.

The US Department of Justice announced to AFP the arrest of Michael Taylor, 59, and his son Peter Taylor, 27, at dawn in Harvard, Massachusetts, on suspicion of helping Ghosn escape by hiding him with a musical instrument box.

He appeared in front of a federal judge in Boston via video, and each wore the orange uniform of the detainees and a health protective mask due to the spread of the new Corona virus.

Japan has a 45-day deadline for their request to be formally extradited to the United States through diplomatic channels, at which point the suspects can legally challenge the request.

Judge Donald Cabel made clear that they could request their release on bail until then. And pending that, “they remain arrested.”

Taylor, a former member of the US Special Forces working in the private security field, and his son Peter, were facing arrest warrants in Japan.

The box where Ghosn escaped
The box where Ghosn escaped

Federal prosecutors have estimated in court documents that there is a “high risk of their escape” and should remain in custody pending an extradition request to Japan.

Peter Taylor was arrested in Boston while preparing to go to Lebanon, where the former director of the Renault-Nissan alliance had taken refuge, and there was no extradition treaty required between Lebanon and Japan.

Japan accuses the two men, along with a Lebanese man named George Antoine Al-Zayek, of helping Ghosn escape justice and leave the country on the evening of December 29. Ghosn faces charges of financial embezzlement, and he left prison on bail before he fled.

Tokyo court where Carlos Ghosn was tried
Tokyo court where Carlos Ghosn was tried

According to US judicial documents, it appears that the three men helped Ghosn hide in a large black box, similar to a box of musical instruments, and then placed him in a private plane, and the search was not mandatory at this time.


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