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With registration novel coronavirus More than 299 thousand deaths around the world, and causing severe damage to the economies of countries, scientists are trying to catch the tip of any thread that leads them to a vaccine or treatment that ends this tragedy.

What is new today is that two recent studies revealed that “T cells” or what are known as “T Cells” help the human body to fight a number of viruses, but the role of these lymphocytes in countering the emerging corona virus was not sufficiently clear, according to experts.

These T cells are found in the blood, forming a necessary component of the human immune system, according to the journal “Science Magazine” specialized in science.

Academics have also revealed that some people have never been infected with “Covid 19”, but they do carry these defensive objects, and the possible explanation for this is that they were infected with other viruses that fall under the Corona family.

Important data

In turn, the University of Columbia virology researcher, Angela Rasmussen, described this data with the task, but the study did not confirm whether the recovered person was definitely immune to relapse, that is, infection with the virus again.

And since T cells interact in such a strong way with the emerging corona virus, the researcher recommends that this helps in developing long-term immunity, and it will also help researchers to reach better vaccines.

Two ways to work

It is noteworthy that T cells fight the virus in two ways, the first being that helper T cells stimulate other immune cells, in order to fight infection.

The second is that what is known as “killer T cells” destroy the cell that was infected with the virus, and therefore, the severity of the disease will be largely dependent on the response force that these cells get.

The most important thing

Researchers at the US “La Jolla” Institute of Immunology have identified some parts of the “viral protein” that can trigger the strongest reaction by T cells.

Academics also studied the cells of 10 patients who were infected with the emerging coronavirus and showed mild symptoms, and the results showed that all of the patients were carrying T-helper cells.

The important thing is that she was able to identify “protein spike,” which usually helps the virus to penetrate into the cell.

Microscopy of a Corona virus
Microscopy of a Corona virus

In addition, the new coronavirus has claimed at least 299,638 people worldwide since it appeared in China in December, according to a tally prepared by AFP at 19:00 GMT Thursday, according to official sources. While more than four million and 395 thousand and 790 injuries were recorded in 196 countries and regions.

The United States, which witnessed the epidemic at the beginning of February, recorded the highest total death toll of 84,985 out of a million and 401 thousand and 948 cases. At least 243,430 people have recovered.


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