Al Abbasiya Hospital requests to stop the Ramez Jalal program – Fikrun wa Fann – East and West


The Abbasiya Mental Health Hospital issued a statement against the “Ramiz Majnoon Official” program, which is being shown on a satellite channel, starting from the current Ramadan season.

And the statement stated: “We noticed with interest the actor Ramez Jalal Ramez Majnoon official program, which is shown daily on one of the private satellite channels, and we found that the program carries a lot of violence, torture, sarcasm and disrespect to the guests, and delights in the pain it causes others, and the practice of bullying them, amid the laughs of the presenter of the program And in contravention of human and human humanity, with which people must deal with each other. ”

He continued: “What is considered an underestimation of human values, and the grave danger of spreading these pathological behaviors, and the implication of enjoying the torture of others and undermining their human dignity, and this is what we see as an imminent threat and a threat to the mental health of the Egyptian citizen, and the viewers of the program, old and young.”

The statement added: “The name of the program is” Ramiz Majnoun, an official “that offends the mental illness and the mental patient, and increases the stigma of mental illness, which the state is trying hard to remove this stigma, according to the Psychiatric Patient Care Law No. 71 of 2009.”
Mental Health Hospital in Egypt attacks a program

He said: “The presence of a potential threat to the child’s mental health, as the child tends to learn his behaviors by imitation, not by orders, especially a young person who does not have the ability to distinguish, as the child at the elementary and junior age does not have the ability to abstraction and therefore cannot understand the significance Hidden behind the meaning, but is easily driven behind the apparent behavior of people, and it represents a grave danger to the child, if he imitated this aggressive behavior, torture and violence in the program. ”



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