Ahmed Taha: Find me on Instagram


                Instagram will be a transition to the YouTube app 
    <p>The "Think With Us" program, which was shown during the month of fasting on "Al-Manar", attracted viewers. The program of competitions and public information, this year entered the field of social initiatives, and received guests, some well-known and others from the general public, who participated with the program presenter Ahmed Taha (photo) and created an atmosphere of enthusiasm, in addition to revealing personal aspects of each guest, especially celebrities. After the end of the program’s season on Al-Manar, it appears that there is a project to move to the social media world. Taha, the young man who met an interaction on the virtual interaction arenas, after he got acquainted with the screen, recently announced his move to Instagram, as part of a new program that he will launch there titled "What do you say?". In connection with Al-Akhbar, Taha explains that the new program is part of a personal project that will be the transitional stage to the YouTube application, after I was offered one of the channels there to embrace his idea and work to promote it. What do you say? Who will land on Instagram aims to introduce people to it on that platform, and to introduce the idea of ​​the new program (intended on YouTube) little by little for them to get used to according to Taha. As for the YouTube program, which the name of the program may change, it receives two guests, one of whom is a celebrity and the other of the general public, who performs the contest, and answers unusual questions within three consecutive paragraphs related to quick intuition, competitions and other personal aspects of celebrities. Of course, the program will feature cash prizes, and it will be filmed in a private studio. Until that time, “What do you say?” Will remain a transitional station, as its guests are settled through the media because of the social divergence imposed by Corona.


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