Aguero is afraid of Corona and confirms: the English Premier League players are nervous


“The majority of players are afraid of the resumption of the English Premier League soccer matches due to the outbreak of the Corona virus,” said Argentina striker and Manchester City club Sergio Aguero.

“The majority of the players are afraid because they have children and families,” Aguero said in an interview with Argentine “El Sheringito” network.

The English Premier League hopes to resume sports on June 8, which requires players to return to training on May 18, and this will be discussed during the club meeting Friday.

“I am afraid but I live with my girlfriend and do not communicate with other people. I quarantine my home and the only person I can transmit infection to is my girlfriend,” Aguero said in his interview, reported by Agence France-Presse.

The English clubs seem determined to complete the season and run the remaining 92 matches from it.

Aguero confirmed that his colleagues will be “very nervous and very careful”, when they return to work.

The former Manchester United captain Gary Neville expressed concern about the health of the English Premier League players in the event of a quick return to competitions after the lifting of the total closure imposed in Britain due to the emerging Corona virus.

“People are now assessing the risks, how many people must die playing football in the Premier League before the situation becomes bitter? One? One player? Or one of the employees goes to intensive care? What are the risks that we must take?” Stressing that “the debate (is ongoing) is purely economic.”


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