After updating the new Fortnite game .. Learn about the most important additions and benefits for players


Update of the new Fortnite game, it is one of the most popular video games and is of the type of survival games. This game was issued by the company APIC Games, which is a game very similar to the game of Mobile Phone, and with the announcement of the work of the update of the game Fort Knight, searches have started for the updates that will be made , And the most important additions and features that the game will bring, as the game includes more than 350 players or users from all countries of the world, and now you have the most important updates expected to be carried Fortnite game.

New Fortnite game update

Where the company announced that the Epic Game has finished updating the Fort Knight game and was added to the queue in the game server, and it is expected that the new update will be released next week, i.e. within a few days from now, and this version holds 12.6, and one of the most important additions in the game is that it will support New generation devices Sony 5, and the new Xbox, to be changed game engine in the middle of next year 2021.

Also, there are some leaks about the return of the slayer again in the game Fort Knight New Edition, and despite the existence of the Dragon Balloon in the automated version, it is difficult to use in competitive phases, so it will be updated in the next version, and each player can buy this umbrella with an option Recover it or not, without using a tick.

It is also expected to release music for the game Fort Fort, where only sixteen days remain until the new version, which will increase the game’s enthusiasm and excitement, and all players can prepare to receive the new version of Fortnite, and it is reported that the game has made about $ 1 billion from the phone Mobile only, and there are leaks that the shadow team will control the agency in the update, as well as the overtime challenges in the game.

IPIC Games announced the release of the new update of the game Fort Knight today, Wednesday, May 20, to be stopped servers from nine in the morning Saudi Arabia time in preparation for the new version, which carries more additions and benefits for users.

Now all users can receive the new update from the Fort Knight game, which was today at nine in the morning, where the game carries many distinctive additions such as “Back the disappearance bomb again, new and varied forms for the places of the stages, the presence of a waiting screen, the descent of a new form of white Angola without Presence of a hat ”and other distinctive additions.

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