After the scene of treachery, Yasser Jalal … Ahmed Salah Hosni apologizes to the public


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Posted: Sunday, May 17 2020 – 10:33 | Last update: Sunday, May 17, 2020 – 10:33

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        Episode 24 of the series "Al-Fatwa" witnessed many events, most notably the treachery of "Azmi" Ahmed Salah Hosni, "Hassan Jabali" Yasser Jalal, after Hassan gave him his back, assuring him that he does not believe in anyone in the world like him, but treacherously defeats me and stabs him from behind .<p>Also read: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Find out the price of Ahmad Abu Hashima watch .. Special Edition</a>

Hosni commented on the scene, through his account on Twitter, writing: “The struggle of the human soul for man on earth is a scene of treachery. There is a big lesson in it. There is more terrible than being a traitor … Even if you regret what you did, it will be too late .. It is not a representation, but God is upset. ”

Many followers expressed their dissatisfaction with the spectacle of treachery with Hassan Al-Jabali, to apologize to Ahmed Salah Hosni, stressing that he rejects him as a human being, but “the paper wants this,” as he put it.


The series “Al-Fatwa” starring Yasser Jalal, Mai Omar, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Naglaa Badr, a large number of stars, and a script and dialogue by Hani Sarhan, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi and produced by Synergy.

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