After news of his refusal to offer from Real Madrid … Mohamed Salah in a new image


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The Egyptian national team and Liverpool club, Mohamed Salah, posted a picture on his Instagram page, riding a bicycle on a street.

Al-Masry appeared on a bicycle after days of quarantine at home.

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Публикация от Mohamed Salah (@mosalah)

And the Egyptian star appeared in the new image after the recent statements made to speak out Hani Ramzy, the former assistant coach of Egypt’s national team, Hector Cuper, said that Mohamed Salah had rejected an offer made by Real Madrid in 2018.

In a television interview, Ramzi admitted that Mohamed Salah received an offer from Real Madrid in 2018, but he rejected the offer.

“When I was working with Hector Cuper, we had training in Switzerland in March of 2018, I was talking at the time with Mohamed Salah and he told me that Real Madrid sent him an offer.”

To comment Player agent Rami Abbas, on the news that was circulated, in a tweet via his Twitter account, saying, “Mohamed Salah did not discuss with any of his former coaches about his future.”

Thus, Abbas denies what was said by the former coach of the Egyptian team, Hani Ramzy, regarding Mohamed Salah receiving an offer from Real Madrid.

At the same time, however, Rami Abbas did not confirm the existence of the offer previously or deny it, as it did not address the matter.


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