After his injury in America .. An Emirati tells the story of his victory over Corona


Sharjah 24 – WAM:
After his recovery from the emerging Corona virus, Emirati Saeed Nasser Saeed bin Saroud Al Khaili began his call to rational leadership for her great efforts, and her concern for the safety and health of citizens and residents, and what it offers to protect them from “Covid-19”, to reach them to fully recover from the disease.

Al-Khaili added that there is no country in the world that does what the UAE did, and its leadership towards citizens and residents on its soil, in these exceptional circumstances that the world is going through.

On his journey to recover from the virus, he talks about receiving medical care at Al Ain Hospital, affiliated with Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA”, indicating that during his stay with his brother in the United States of America, he was on a treatment trip last February, where he stayed for about a month there. Things were normal, and no one cared about the spread of the virus, nor took any precautions.

Saeed Al Khaili added, he felt a slight blockage in the nose and some colds, and he thought that the matter was considered normal, so he took some painkillers, but the situation remained the same, and cases of HIV infection began to increase and spread in New York widely, and here the UAE rushed to return its children to Home land, and returned in the last week of last March.

Al-Khaili continues his statement that upon his arrival at Abu Dhabi airport, the necessary examination was conducted to detect the Corona virus, and he was asked to adhere to the home quarantine, where he stayed in one of the family’s homes on his own, and did not mix with any of his family and relatives until contacted by health authorities after several days To check on his health and conditions, and to ask if he has any symptoms or if he has any problems, he told them that his affairs are good and there is nothing abnormal, and at that time they told him that the results of the examination appeared positive, and he must be hospitalized to receive the necessary treatment.

Saeed Al-Khaili explained that, upon receiving the news of his infection with the virus, the matter was accepted by God, and the matter was entrusted to God, after which he went to Al Ain Hospital, where he received superior medical care and attention from all hospital employees, various examinations were performed, necessary medications were provided, and he continued The medical and nursing team is in his condition around the clock, where he spent 16 days in Al Ain Hospital to ensure full recovery, and to declare negative checks.

After returning to the house, he spent about 14 days in house isolation, then conducted new tests that confirmed his safety and recovery from the epidemic, and then donated blood plasma used by the competent health authorities in the country, to treat other infected cases.

Al-Khaili indicated that he is still following the precautionary procedures, and abides by the instructions and directives issued by the competent authorities, from wearing masks and wearing gloves, in order to ensure his safety and the safety of others.


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