After discussing two incidents at Bob Finance’s agents, the latter clarifies


After trading on social media for two incidents at Bob Finance’s agents, the latter matters to clarify the following:

“Concerning the Tripoli incident, it became evident to the company that the agent undertook the act of cheating the citizen, as he calculated the exchange rate of the dollar at 3100 LL instead of 3200 LL, as specified by the Bank of Lebanon. The management of Bob Finance decided to cancel the contract. With the agent immediately.

As for the Al-Mutayyib area incident, the company has to clarify that the transfer was completed and then refused from the country to which it was sent and upon its return to Lebanon, a technical error occurred that led to the display of the amount on the electronic platform in the Lebanese pound according to the price set by the Bank of Lebanon, i.e. 3200 LBP. The company corrected the error and contacted the concerned citizen to return the money to him in US dollars.

Bob Finance is interested in ensuring its full commitment to the circulars issued by the Banque du Liban in connection with the transfer of funds and asks citizens to turn to its page via Instagram and Facebook to verify the exchange rate set daily by the Bank of Lebanon. While it is keen to ensure transparency in work, it affirms that it will not tolerate any negligent or violating the right of any citizen. “


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