After discreetly, Ali’s surprise surprised her audience: My husband is an actor and his name is Khaled


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After being silent for a long time about the identity of her future partner, the Saudi artist Ilham Ali revealed the identity of her husband and his profession for the first time during her appearance on a radio program titled “Open Heart” on “MBCFM”.

The director of the series “Exit 7” said that her husband is from the artistic community and works as an actor who is from Riyadh and his name is Khaled, explaining that he has no problem in revealing his identity, but that she will not reveal more, leaving that to the public.

Elham also wished to hold a wedding, but she believes that in the light of the infection of the Corona virus, she will not have a wedding or be able to travel on a honeymoon trip.

She explained that she did not like the interference of people in her private life, and that is why she decided to keep the details kept confidential for as long as possible.

Ilham Ali, as Louloua, is the beautiful director of director 7
Ilham Ali, as Louloua, is the beautiful director of director 7

In addition, social media circulated the name of Ilham Ali in a great way, to search for the identity of the mysterious “husband”, and the tweeters exchanged candidate names and clips from previous series that combine the Saudi artist with the artists that meet the specifications that I mentioned.

The Saudi artist announced the news of her engagement a few days ago during a live broadcast on “Instagram” about the date of her marriage, as she showed her engagement ring in front of the camera.

It is worth noting that Ilham Ali started her artistic career in 2012, and she participated in many Gulf works and in this Ramadan she has two works, namely the series “Umm Haroun” with the Kuwaiti actress Hayat Al-Fahad and director 7 with the Saudi artist Nasser Al-Qasabi.


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