After announcing her marriage for the 12th time, Ghada Abdel Razzaq is involved in a dispute with a well-known critic


After announcing her marriage for the 12th time, Ghada Abdel Razzaq is involved in a dispute with a well-known critic

The Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razzaq did not congratulate her on her 12th wedding announcement, as she immediately became involved in a dispute with the famous art critic Tarek El-Shenawi, who accused her of bribery in exchange for his artistic criticism and complained to everyone.

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Egypt .. Actress Ghada Abdel Razek gets married for the 12th time and reveals her new husband

Hours before the actress Ghada Abdel Razzaq announced her marriage to the director of filming for her new series, Haitham Zenita, she plunged herself into a major crisis with art critic Tarek El-Shenawi.

The dispute that sparked a crisis in the artistic community began when Al-Shennawi appeared with the media by Mays Al-Hadidi, who said that Ghada Abdel Razzaq is a “talented artist but she is not good at choosing her roles”, to return the artist at her expense in the application of Instagram, accusing him of receiving money in exchange for providing positive opinions in the work of Dramatic.

Abdel-Razzaq claimed that she paid Al-Shennawi when he presented the series “A Life’s Story” years ago, to write a positive opinion on her work.

In response, Al-Shennawi promptly took legal action against Abdul-Razzaq, saying: “What happened is a symptom violation, and the law criminalizes violating the show, as it violated my journalistic and humanitarian offer.”

He explained that he had filed 3 complaints against her, in the Supreme Media Council, the Journalists Syndicate, and the Actors Syndicate, vowing to file a complaint against her with the Public Prosecution. He said: “After seeing how far actions will be taken against her, I will file a complaint with the Attorney General.”

Al-Shennawi accused the artist of stirring up differences and committing abuses, saying: “Ghada always commits excesses against the social media. She is free in herself if she decides to cross, but she is not free to transgress on others, and I will take my right to the law.”

Al-Shenawi expressed his admiration for the reason for the anger of Abdel-Razzaq, stressing that he said in the rolling clip that she is a talented actress, adding: “In the past years, she did not choose her roles well, and this is my opinion, and she has the right to object, but to violate the symptoms of others, it is not free.”

Al-Shennawi emphasized that this matter is not answered by statements, especially as he went out of the logic of artistic talk to other matters, which prompted him to file a complaint with the Journalists Syndicate to which he belongs and the Syndicate filed a complaint with the Syndicate of Representative Professions, which is affiliated with Ghada Abdel-Razzaq, especially since the law requires it To file a complaint with her union.

He emphasized that the Captain promised him that there would be a decisive decision in this matter, and considered that the judiciary is the judge in this matter, and asked: Why did Ghada Abdel Razzaq remain silent during these years about the matter if it was true?

Source: Egyptian sites and newspapers


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