Adel Imam: Half loaf of fire


Adel Imam depends on the name of digging in the depth. He realizes, perhaps, that he is a winning gambler, and he is confident in the outcome. Every year, we wait for a correct Ramadan choice, in the heart, not in form, and in the leader, season after season, scooping out the name to fill empty vessels. Valentino, indigestible. This must be recognized. And compared to his Ramadan work, it may be “digest.” This time, Adel Imam is not alone on the field. Dalal Abdulaziz shared it with the role of his wife Afaf Loaf Al-Khums. Not even devouring his share! On their side, their boys’ names were heavy, and a social environment dancing without a tambourine. Dalal Abdul Aziz Maestro all tours.

The text is by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, and directed by Rami Imam. In depth, the content is normal. His cases have been adjourned until now and his voice is dim. It was possible to search in a composition that the schools take from their stage, for issues related to students, generations and the technology struggle, for example, in a meaningful comic context, instead of the stories of fraud and fraud consumed in the Egyptian series. A ball outside the goal, Dalal Abdul-Aziz compensated the loss with her blows. We thought it was exaggerating, until the picture became clear, and the balance weighed. It is almost the series. Imam and the others, “Rings” at her finger. The scene moved, with her presence and her absence. She has something to do with what is going on, in her schools and outside, in her home and with her children. Good luck this year.

Dalal Abdel Aziz.

In all series, Imam himself has equaled the same face, features, laughter, frowning eyes, and prominent eyes. On the occasion, it is the passwords for long expansion in memory. He is its owner and owner. The texts and the comic character change one. His dilemma is one every year: the story. His story writers dress him in a wheel. Today’s dress is summer. “Hazar Behazar”, the surface limit. Comedy of the moment today is not enough. The human concern increased, so the relationship with the laugh became more complicated. What laughs when life is more merciful, is worth nothing in these days.

Dalia Al Bahri is an additional engine, so events escalate. It is the story of monument operations to which the schools of Valentino are subjected, so Nour Muhammad Ahmad Valentino (Adel Imam), with the assistance of his sister’s son Asim (Hamdi Al-Mirghani), takes on the task of searching for the truth, so that the similarity of names brings them to the house of Noura Muhammad Ahmad Valentino (Al-Bahri), so that the story takes another path. On a family line, the school teacher, Afaf, is still holding her neck. Her three children are victims of her domination: Archimedes (Muhammad al-Kilani) who is in love with his teacher, Rafaa (Tariq al-Ibari) who has an incandescent memory that limited the disease, and Hoda al-Mufti (a prophet) looking for its existence among the planets. Each world has, as Father Valentino, stands in the middle between his wife’s fires and indifference moments.

We see a few smiles, and the breath is almost suffocating. The serial for this flop. Light to soften. Does not pretend not to fabricate. It is not in the category of simulating the depths and addressing the minds. He tries to laugh. You and your mood in these difficult days.

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